This page was developed to help answer questions we occasional get asked or constantly get asked. We update as needed so check back often.

Why do you require a $20 deposit for new clients appointments?

     Unfortunately, this year we have a huge increase of appointments and people not showing. We can't fill spots if people don't let us know they are not coming. Due to the nature of the business our groomers only get paid if they groom. So grooms not showing results in no pay for our staff. Your $20 deposit will come off your final total the day of your appointment. Once you are an established client we will not require a deposit going forward. We do charge a deposit if you miss multiple appointments and are established client.

$20 Deposit refund policy?

       As long you cancel 48 hours before your scheduled appointment you are entiled to a full refund of your deposit. If you cancel less than 48 hours before your appointment or no show the appointment the $20 deposit is non refundable. 

Do I need an appointment for grooming?

     Yes, we require an appointment for full grooming, or baths. We DO NOT require an appointment for Nail Trims, but always call ahead because we are not at each shop every day.

Does my pet need to be on a leash or carrier? 

     Yes, we require all pets to be on leashes or carriers for the safety of all pets, CATS ESPECIALLY because they can be spooked. 

What is your refund policy?

     If your unhappy we want to hear from you to address the concerns. We will do what we can to correct the problem. Since you can't return a haircut we DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS ON SERVICES. This includes if your unhappy with a style. Products we offer exchanges only for a defective products. 

I think the groomer missed the nails on the last grooming, can I do anything? 

      We developed our nail trim between program for this exact reason. Not always are nails able to be super short and some breeds need more nail trims than just during the groom. Does not mean we forgot then but they might need a little more often trimming. We developed the in-between free nail trim. WE recommend nails be done every 4-6 weeks on the average dog, but some need it more or less it all depends on the pet. If you have had a full grooming or full bath package in the last three months you are invited back for one no charged nail trim in-between. Fresh cut nails will be sharp, if your looking for smooth nails inquire about nail buffing. 

I am running late can I still come to my appointment?

     We always allow a 15 min cushion for an appointment time. If your going to be longer than that we may need to reschedule call us to verify. 

Can I stay with my pet for grooming?

     We unfortunately no longer let owners stay for grooming. In the past we have and we have gotten so busy its too hard to be able to schedule a time to focus one and one with owners.  We are happy to help direct you toward a groomer who can let you stay.