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Matting Pointers

Matting happens to all types of dogs or cats sometimes we can brush out one or two but never a full matted pet. Below are some simple pointers that can help you the next time your trying to avoid matting.

-When a pet is matted, don’t bathe them until all the matts are out. When you bathe with matts, they get tighter to the body.

·When you cut matts out, you want to put a metal comb behind the matt to prevent the chance of you cutting the pets' skin.

·Use a brush designed for matts, such as a dematt rake or matt splitter, but always use caution near privates, ears and loose skin.

·Metal combs will help you determine if you’re getting through the whole matt, or just the top of the matt.

·Never let a pet with longer hair/ fur air dry, as this will encourage matt development.

·Always use conditioner when bathing a long hair pet.

·Once matts are there, you must shave them out, we can’t “brush them out.”

·Matts will intertwine and spread throughout the coat.

·We can’t make a matted pet look it’s best without constant maintenance. If we shave your pet to de-matt, we encourage you to come back much sooner to keep the matting under control. Even if it’s just a bath, we need to prevent the matting, because once the matting is there, we cannot undo the matts.

·Pets may act funny after matting, because it’s like a tight rubber band on a wrist,it can itch once the matts are removed. Skin irritation and redness is common after de-matting and is not due to neglect of the groomer.

- Kayla Mae

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